Terms & Conditions of Container One Way Leasing


The Purchase Party:The Party which be offered by Seller (the “Buyer”)


1.      Seller’s quotation is valid for 3 days unless otherwise specified.The price is subject to change without notice.

2.      Seller’s quotation supersedes any previously quoted rate.

3.      Seller’s quotation is subject to Stock Available. The stock subject to change without notice. "first come first service".

4.      Seller has no obligation for the quotation before the reconfirmation of Buyer’s acceptance by written.

5.      Seller’s quotation is based on the information provided. Any change in that will result change in the quotation.

6.      Unless otherwise specified, Seller’s quotation does not Include the following:

-        Choice of individual product;

-        Shifting charges for the choice, photograph, Inspection & etc.; 

-        Inspection & Survey Report, Service available upon request;

-        Forwarding;

-        Insurance coverage;

-        Storage charges due to exceeding of free time, if any.

-        Extra shifting charge due to congestion in the depot at the time of pick-up;

-        All charges due to wrong, delayed or incomplete instruction from Buyer.

-        Extra charge due to extreme whether or war, strikes, riots, rebellion, insurrection, lock-outs or Acts of God.

-        Any service hasn't been stated in Seller’s quotation.

7.      Payment Term: Buyer’s 100% pre-payment due on sight of Seller’s invoice unless otherwise agreed.

8.      Bank Charges:Each party should be responsible for his own bank transaction fees. Seller does not agree that buyer’s bank transaction fees to be deducted from the payment.

9.      All Equipments are sold “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” for use in international trade.

10.    Released by random: Unless otherwise specified, the Equipments are released by random, the Specifications of each Equipment are random.

11.    Delivery term: The delivery term is “EX-WORKS”, Under this Incoterm, Seller is responsible for making the goods(Equipment)  available to buyer from Seller’s premises or an appointed place (such as a wharehouse or depot). Once Seller have made the goods(Equipment) available then is no longer responsible for them. The buyer must arrange and pay for the transport having taken delivery of the goods. The buyer is responsible for the goods(Equipment), and anything that happens to them having taken delivery of them. EXW means that the buyer carries all the risk and bears the entire cost for the movement of the goods(Equipment) once they are made available at the seller's premises.

12.    Payment and delivery:The total purchase price for the Equipment as designated in the relevant Invoice (the “Purchase Price”) shall be paid to the Seller by the Buyer, unless otherwise specified in that Invoice, by check or wire transfer prior to delivery of the Equipment to the Buyer. Upon the Seller’s receipt of the Purchase Price from the Buyer the Equipment shall be deemed delivered by the Seller to the Buyer at the location(s) specified in that Invoice. The Buyer shall be deemed to take delivery of the Equipment on the date of payment of the Purchase Price and shall pay any and all charges (including any storage charges) that accrue following delivery.

13.    Late Payment:If Buyer delays payment beyond invoice due date, then an additional late payment fee equal to one percent (1%) per month of the outstanding shall be rendered. Payment of late payment fees will be due upon presentation of the invoice.

14.    Title:Upon final payment of all monies due in respect of the relevant Equipment under any Invoice(s), title to the Equipment shall pass to the Buyer. Liability for loss or damage to the Equipment, and loss or damage to property or cargo of any person and for personal injury (including death) to any person arising out of or incident to the ownership, possession, operation, control, use, or maintenance of the Equipment shall pass to the Buyer on delivery or deemed delivery of the Equipment.

15.    Late Delivery or Non-Delivery: Seller shall have no liability whatsoever for loss or damage due to late delivery or non-delivery of the Equipment.

16.    Remedies.In the event Seller fails or refuse to perform its obligation hereunder to deliver the Equipment to Buyer, then, provided Buyer is not then in default hereunder, Buyer shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement. As used in this Agreement, the terms “deliver” and “delivery” includes the use of any a designated location. Under any circumstances, any claim by Buyer against Seller shall be limited to the refund of any sums previously paid by Buyer on account of the purchase price, if any, and liquidated damages in the amount of USD20/Equipment, but, in no event shall Seller be responsible for any claimed incidental or consequential damages. The parties agree that said sum is a reasonable estimate of the damages Buyer would suffer for breach or non-performance by Seller hereunder. In the event Seller tenders the Equipments for delivery in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and Purchaser fails or refuses to perform its obligations hereunder and pay the purchase price for the Equipments, at Seller’s option, in addition any other remedy available to Seller, Seller shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement.

17.    Taxes, duties, charges and other liabilities: The Equipment will be in a duty and VAT suspended state under the temporary importation procedures applicable to equipment used in international trade. The Buyer accepts that all rights and obligations relating to these procedures transfer to the Buyer upon completion of the sale. The Buyer further agrees that the Equipment will not be resold or otherwise disposed of in any country unless the Buyer pays all applicable taxes, customs or import duties or other charges including (but not limited to) any such charges necessary to domesticate the Equipment in accordance with the laws of that country. If upon the Seller passing title to the Equipment the Buyer does not take immediate steps to domesticate the Equipment, the Buyer undertakes to arrange forthwith re- exportation of the Equipment from the country where it is located as at the time of sale. The Seller makes no warranty or representation as to the prior payment or current applicability of such taxes, duties or other charges, either in the United States or elsewhere. Any sales, transfer, turnover, value added, excise or other taxes (except net income taxes imposed on Seller) applicable to the sale and delivery of the Equipment shall be borne by the Buyer and the Buyer shall provide the Seller with proof of payment of any such taxes, duties or other charges upon Seller’s request. The Buyer shall, upon demand, reimburse the Seller for any such taxes, duties or other charges paid by the Seller. The Buyer accepts full responsibility for compliance with domestic laws and regulations relating to the Buyer’s ownership and use of the Equipment and further agrees to use, operate, maintain, and dispose of the Equipment (including any component parts thereof or any generators or other parts attached thereto) in full and complete compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations and all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations.

18.    NO WARRANTIES:All the Equipments are used and are sold “AS IS”, Seller disclaims, and Buyer waives and releases Seller from, any and all representations and warranties, either expressed or implied, as to any matter whatsoever, including without limitation: (A) The design, condition, availability, operation, merchant ability of the equipments or fitness of the equipments for any particular use or purpose of Buyer or any other use or purpose; and (B) The conformity of the Equipments to the specifications required by any country or subdivision within which the Equipments may used. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Seller shall have no liability to Buyer for any claim, loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly, indirectly, incidentally or consequentially by the Equipments, or by any inadequacy thereof or deficiency or defect therein, or by any incident whatsoever in connection therewith whether arising in strict liability or otherwise.

19.    Additional Services: Upon Buyer’s entrustment, Seller’s operation for Inspection, Pick-up, Transportation, Forwarding, Delivery, Interchange or any operation of the Equipment or the relevant documents, will be deemed to act on Buyer’s behalf. Principal-agent relationship is between Buyer & Seller.

20.    Interchange of the Release Order: Release Order is issued or forwarded subject to the receipt of Purchase Price by Seller. Buyer should specify an Email Address for receiving of the release order. If there is no written notice to specify the Email Address from Buyer, Seller will send the Release Order to the Email Address which has been used to provide the proof of payment or Purchasing Order. It will be deemed that Seller has released the Equipment to the Buyer. Buyer should keep confidential for the Release Order & the relevant information. Any loss if occurred due to the disclosing of any or all the information by Buyer, will be on Buyer’s responsibility. Buyer has the responsibility to pick up the Equipment in time according to the Attentions, Terms & Conditions of the Release Order.

21.    Pick-Up: The Equipment should be picked up within 10 days after the Release Order has been issued or forwarded. Thereafter Seller has the right to charge to the buyer storage rates amounting to USD2/Day/20’, USD4/Day/40’. The buyer is requested to recheck in advance with the respective depot whether the units are ready for pick up. In case that is not done by Seller cannot be held responsible or any consequential costs are wasted haulage etc.

22.    Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of Hong Kong, and shall in all respects be deemed to be a contract of Hong Kong. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods(the Vienna Convention) shall not apply to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. The prevailing party in any proceedings brought to enforce this Agreement shall be entitled to recover its reasonable fees and expenses incurred, including attorney’s fee and expenses.






承租方:   接受出租方提供的“集装箱程租业务报价及服务”的一方(以下简称“承租方


一、  标的





(一)    集装箱概述


  1. 名称:ISO国际标准集装箱。
  2. 生产厂商品牌制造规范:不限。
  3. 集装箱的计量单位为:台。


(二)    集装箱质量


适货(Cargo Worthy)标准。即:箱门打开270度;不漏水、不漏光;清洁、干燥、无味、无尘;四柱六面八角完好;符合ISO标准;满足多种机械作业;适用于多式联运;适用于多种货物装载(特种货除外);附带CSC铭牌。


二、  个别合同的签订与生效

  1. 出租方的报价基于报价时的库存和供应能力,"First Come First Service"先到先得出租方的库存和供应能力随时可能发生变化,出租方并无义务随时将其库存和供应能力的变化情况通知承租方。在个别合同达成之前,出租方并无义务为承租方保留或订购库存。
  2. 除非双方另有约定,出租方的报价当日内有效。出租方并无义务主动承租方随时更新报价。
  3. 除非双方另有约定,出租方的报价不包括以下服务和费用:
    1. 挑选和指定个别集装箱的费用;
    2. 因挑选和指定个别集装箱、照相检验等产生的吊机费、翻箱费;
    3. 代办仓储检验受领运输、分拨、交付等产生的费用;
    4. 保险;
    5. 承租方实际受领时间超过免费堆存期限而产生的堆存费;
    6. 因承租方指定的受领时间为堆场的非工作时间而产生的加班费;
    7. 因承租方变更受领时间或个别合同达成时不能确定受领时间,而承租方再次指定的受领时间需要堆场配合翻倒集装箱而产生的翻箱费。
    8. 任何因承租方失误、延期或不完整的指示造成的费用。
    9. 任何因极端天气、战争、罢工、骚乱、政变、暴动、天灾造成的费用。
    10. 增值税所得税、关税等任何税金,以及可能被征收的任何行政费用(包括罚款)
    11. 任何在出租报价单没有列明的服务和费用。
  4. 订单经双方确认后,该个别合同成立。个别合同的成立,取代双方先前与该主题事项有关的一切口头和书面的协商。在个别合同达成之前,双方均有权修订或取消就该主题事项的意向,双方就该主题事项互不承担任何责任和义务。


三、  租金、补贴、押金、税费及相关费用的确认与支付

(一)    租金、补贴及相关费用的确认

  1. 个别合同成立后,如合同约定承租方向出租方支付租金,则由出租方向承租方出具发票;如合同约定出租方向承租方支付补贴,则由承租方向出租方出具发票;如合同约定为互不支付租金或补贴,则互不出具发票。
  2. 除非双方另有约定,负责出具发票的一方出具的发票为符合该公司所在地法律的发票。
  3. 在收到对方出具的发票后须对发票内容予以签字盖章确认,并将该确认回复给对方,作为双方结算费用的依据。


(二)    税费



(三)    付款期限



(四)    赊销额度

  1. 赊销额度为 美元USD20,000元整,如一方应付对方的账款超过该赊销额度,则应立即向对方结清全部欠款该赊销额度并不只限于本合同项下的集装箱程租业务,而为双方之间所有业务往来的合计总额。如双方在其他合同中也约定了赊销额度,则以双方最新达成的协议为准。
  2. 如一方应付账款超过赊销额度,应立即向对方结清全部账款,否则另一方有权拒绝新的赊销请求,而不论是否达到前条所规定的付款期限。


(五)    租金、补贴、押金及相关费用的支付

  1. 一方向对方付款采用转账汇款的方式,双方各自承担汇款或进帐的银行手续费。
  2. 一方应在付款期限内向对方支付货款。一方延迟付款的,则须承担违约责任。


四、  起租的交付与受领

(一)    交付方式

  1. 本合同约定之集装箱设备起租的交付方式为:Ex-Works, 即出租方指定的起租地集装箱堆场交付即出租方在约定的受领时间之前,在自己指定的起租地堆场把备妥的集装箱交付给承租方处置之下时,即履行了交付义务。承租方负责在约定的受领期限内完成对集装箱的受领。在承租方受领集装箱之前,且在受领期限以内,出租方承担可能产生的灭失或损坏等一切风险。在受领期限届满后,或在承租方受领集装箱之后至归还至出租方指定的退租地堆场交接之前,承租方承担产生的灭失或损坏等一切风险。
  2. 除非双方另有约定,个别集装箱由出租方随机发放,但出租方须保证符合本合同第四条第二款约定技术规范及质量标准。
  3. 承租方受领集装箱时,出租方承担吊装承租方运输车辆的费用
  4. 承租方因受领集装箱发生的运费等费用由承租方自行承担。



  1. 根据个别合同,出租方以电子邮件、传真或信函等形式向承租方发放提箱单(Release Order提箱单是出租方向承租方交付的凭证和通知。出租方向承租方发放提箱单,视为出租方在指定的地点将未置于任何运输车辆上的集装箱交付给承租方处置,并通知承租方受领。除非双方另有约定,受领期限为提箱单发出10日内。
  2. 承租方应妥善保管提箱单对相关信息保密
  3. 一旦承租方确定在约定的期限内受领集装箱的具体时间和/或地点时,承租方必须就此给予出租方充分通知。出租方应根据承租方的受领计划,安排相关堆场的作业计划。如果承租方需要变更受领集装箱的具体时间和/或地点时,应在第一时间再次给予出租方充分通知。出租方应根据承租方变更的受领时间,协调堆场相应变更作业计划,尽可能满足承租方的要求。
  4. 承租方在受领集装箱前,尤其是在受领时间发生过变更的情况下,至少提前一个工作日向相关堆场确认当前集装箱堆放情况、受领流程堆场作业计划,约定受领时间,以免出现拖车到达堆场而无法及时受领的问题
  5. 承租方自行或委托代理人至出租方指定的堆场受领集装箱,向堆场提交签署受领人正本公章授权签字提箱单;如一张提箱单下有多个集装箱,则需提交与集装箱数量相同份数的加盖受领人公章及授权签字提箱单,即“一箱一单”。如提箱单指定了受领人,则须签署“指定受领人的正本公章及授权签字
  6. 承租方应尽量在法定工作日的白天工作时间受领集装箱,以方便协调解决可能出现的问题。
  7. 承租方应自行或委托代理人检查并确认箱况后再受领集装箱;如发现不符合质量标准,应在场前及时通知出租方解决,出租方有义务调换或维修至符合约定的质量标准。如承租方已将集装箱提出堆场,则意味着承租方已经确认箱况符合约定质量标准,并完成集装箱的受领,自受领之后的所有风险和责任由承租方承担。
  8. 承租方免费堆存期限受领提箱单项下所有集装箱;如逾期承租方承担超期堆存费除非双方另有约定,免费堆存期限为提箱单发出10日内。
  9. 承租方须在提箱单有效期限内受领集装箱,如承租方预计不能在提箱单有效期限内受领集装箱,则须提前3个工作日向出租方申请延期或更换提箱单
  10. 承租方应在受领期限完成集装箱的受领,并在受领后3个工作日内、且在归还前3个工作日内,向出租方指定的电子邮件地址发送“受领确认”,该确认的内容应包括:提箱单编号受领日期、所受领的集装箱号码及型号。如承租方未能在上述期限完成部分或全部集装箱的受领,也应在上述期限内向出租方确认实际受领的情况
  11. 如自提箱单发出30日内集装箱仍未被受领,出租方有权取消该订单。
  12. 如承租方要求出租方代办检验,则需提前2个工作日通知出租方,以便出租方预约检验机构进行检验。除非承租方指定检验机构,则出租方有权选择任一具有相关资质的检验机构进行检验,出具检验报告,承租方应向出租方支付检验费用,以及因检验而产生的吊机费、翻箱费等相关费用
  13. 对于已经检验合格的集装箱承租方须在检验完成当时或在堆场规定的期限尽快提走。如因承租方未及时受领而影响堆场作业,产生搬倒或被堆场随机放给其他客户,则由此产生的责任和费用均由承租方承担。


(二)    交付地点:



(三)    交付期限:



(四)    交付凭据



(五)    受领凭据



五、  起租的检验及质量保证

  1. 在出租方将本合同约定的集装箱按照本合同第六条的约定交付承租方时,承租方应在受领期限内对出租方所供应集装箱的数量、型号、质量进行清点、检查,并在设备交接单据上签收。对于集装箱数量不符合合同约定的,承租方有权只按照实际接收的数量签收。对于集装箱型号与合同约定不一致的,承租方有权只签收符合约定的部分,对不符合约定质量标准的集装箱由出租方负责维修或调换,由此发生的费用由出租方承担。且承租方有权仅就实际接收的数量付款。
  2. 承租方在受领集装箱设备时,应即时对集装箱进行质量检验。承租方应当在受领集装箱时将发现的不符合质量标准的情形通知出租方。
  3. 除非另有注明,承租方指定的受领人在出场设备交接单据上的签字或盖章行为,表示承租方已经检验完毕,确认出租方交付了承租方受领了符合质量标准的集装箱设备。
  4. 出场设备交接单是证明承租方受领集装箱的重要凭据,出租方应保留该单据不少于两年。在出租方主张承租方已受领而承租方主张尚未受领时,出租方有义务向承租方出示有效的设备交接单据。
  5. 出租方不对其出租的集装箱设备提供任何保修与使用保障。在承租方受领该集装箱或受领期限届满后,出租方不因出租集装箱承担任何责任,包括因直接或间接、意外或必然、缺陷或不足、事故等任何原因引起的任何的损失、损害、索赔。


六、  代理服务




七、  订单变更或取消

  1. 个别合同成立后,承租方要求变更或撤销订单的,应在第一时间向出租方提出申请,出租方应尽可能配合,但出租方有权决定是否接受承租方提出的订单变更或取消的要求。
  2. 出租方接受承租方变更或撤销订单要求的,双方须书面确认个别合同的变更。如出租方已经向承租方签发或转发提箱单,则承租方须保证不再受领因变更或撤消订单而不应再受领的集装箱;如承租方已经提走集装箱设备的,应在出租方规定的时间内,归还至出租方指定的堆场,由此产生的额外费用由承租方承担。出租方为承租方代办仓储检验受领运输、分拨、交付等已经产生的费用,由承租方承担。
  3. 如出租方供应给承租方的集装箱系专门为承租方订购、定制、加工或生产,则出租方有权自个别合同达成之时起,不再接受承租方对于订单的变更或取消的要求
  4. 出租方不接受承租方提出的订单变更或取消要求的,承租方应继续履行双方已达成的合同
  5. 因出租方交付的集装箱质量不符合本合同约定,且未并采取维修、调换等措施使其集装箱质量符合协议标准的,承租方有权取消订单,并要求出租方退还全部租金押金,赔偿由此给承租方造成的直接损失。


八、  集装箱的保管、使用和有关费用

  1. 出租方供应的集装箱设备仅供承租方用于双方约定路线和运输方式的单程运输。
  2. 集装箱是出租方的财产,出租方有权在不影响承租方使用的前提下,将集装箱向第三方转让、抵押、担保,但不得影响本合同的效力,特别是不得减少出租方的义务。
  3. 承租方不得将集装箱向任何第三方转让、抵押、担保。
  4. 自承租方受领集装箱至出租方收回集装箱为止,集装箱的保管、检验、使用、堆存、维修等发生的费用由承租方承担。
  5. 承租方保证在集装箱租赁期间对集装箱的使用,符合国际公约和相关法规。任何在承租方租赁期间造成的任何运输工具、人员或者其他货物或财产的损失和/或对承租方或者任何第三方的损失和/或责任均由承租方负担。出租方不因出租集装箱而承担上述责任。
  6. 租赁期间,未经出租方书面同意,承租方不得擅自改变集装箱的结构、颜色、铭牌和标记。出租方的服务标识不允许被改变或更换,承租方可以加装自己的标志或标识,但是须保证该标志或标识不违反各种法律和法规,且由承租方在退租之前负责消除。
  7. 租赁期间,出租方有权要求承租方提供集装箱所在方位的报告,承租方应在出租方提出要求的3个工作日内提供方位报告。
  8. 租赁期间,承租方应正确使用集装箱,防止意外损坏,如发生集装箱损坏,由承租方负责修理,承租方须送往修理工厂,对于出租方以适货标准(Cargo Worthy)供应的集装箱,承租方应按照适货标准(Cargo Worthy)进行修理;对于出租方以IICL标准供应的集装箱,承租方应按照国际集装箱租赁协会IICL标准进行修理;对于出租方以其他标准供应的集装箱,承租方应按照受领时确认的箱况标准进行修理;并在还箱时向出租方提供有关修理内容的有效文字材料,单个集装箱的维修费用在损坏修理条款DPP限额以内的,由出租方承担,超出损坏修理条款DPP限额的部分由承租方承担。修复后经出租方检验合格后再办理还箱手续。修理所需要的时间成本由承租方承担。承租方也可委托出租方代为修理,承租方应及时将其租赁集装箱的破损情况,通知出租方,送还至出租方指定堆场,办理还箱手续,承租方须在设备交接单上注明“委托出租方代为修理”及损坏状态并签字认证。如出租方或其代理人在承租方还箱时能确认维修所需费用,即在还箱时向承租方或其代理人收取其应支付部分。如在承租方还箱当时无法确认维修费用,则出租方在承租方还箱后,按照相应的修理标准估算维修费用(包括材料和人工费、装卸费、运输等有关费用。)并将承租方应承担的维修费用书面通知承租方,向承租方出具发票,承租方应按此支付给出租方。
  9. 损坏修理条款DPP(Damage Protection Plan) 美元USD50/个别集装箱。即承租方对于租赁期间造成的自然损坏,按照相应的还箱修理标准对于个别集装箱修理费用在上述金额以内的,不承担维修费用;对于个别集装箱修理费用超出上述金额的,只承担超出部分的修理费用。上述自然损坏仅限于集装箱在正常使用过程中的老化和损耗,不包括人为损坏和污染。集装箱箱体的化学污染、油污染和其它箱内残留物的清洗或清扫,完全是由用箱人在使用过程中造成的,相关清洗费用由承租方承担。对于装载二手设备、废旧物品、危险品、有污染性物品的集装箱,必须强制执行清洗,该类费用同样由承租方承担。
  10. 租赁期间,如发生部分或全部集装箱的丢失或无法修复的损坏,承租方应于事件发生的3日内向出租方通报,并在7日内向出租方提供详细的书面报告和有效证明文件。同时,按照本合同“集装箱灭失赔偿标准”向出租方赔偿。


九、  集装箱的归还

  1. 承租方根据出租方的指令归还集装箱。集装箱退租的还箱地点为双方约定的退租地之出租方指定的堆场;还箱接收人为出租方指定的代理人。
  2. 承租方在归还集装箱前,至少提前一个工作日向相关堆场的还箱接收人确认当前堆场可用空间情况、还箱流程堆场作业计划,约定还箱时间,以免出现拖车到达堆场而无法及时还箱的问题
  3. 承租方归还集装箱时,由出租方代理人验收,双方在设备交接单据上签字。进场设备交接单是证明承租方归还集装箱的重要凭据,承租方应保留该单据不少于两年。在出租方主张尚未接收而承租方主张已经归还时,承租方有义务向出租方出示有效的设备交接单据。
  4. 承租方还箱时,对于出租方以适货标准(Cargo Worthy)供应的集装箱,承租方应按照适货标准(Cargo Worthy)还箱,对于出租方以IICL标准供应的集装箱,承租方应按照国际集装箱租赁协会IICL标准还箱,对于出租方以其他标准供应的集装箱,承租方应按照受领时确认的箱况标准还箱。否则按照“十.集装箱的保管、使用和有关费用”中的相关规定处理。
  5. 承租方应在双方约定的归还期限内退租还箱。如超期不交还集装箱的,承租方应按以下标准向出租方支付滞期费:

110             美元USD2/20’GP/天; 美元USD3/40’GP or 40’HC/

1120           美元USD4/20’GP/天; 美元USD6/40’GP or 40’HC/

21至实际退租日     美元USD8/20’GP/天; 美元USD12/40’ GP or 40’HC/




  1. 如自集装箱归还期限届满之日起30天,承租方或其代理人仍未向出租方指定代理人及指定的堆场归还集装箱的,出租方有权视为集装箱已灭失,有权要求承租方按本合同中约定的集装箱灭失赔偿标准向出租方赔偿。在出租方未收到赔偿金之前,承租方仍需按实际天数支付滞期费。
  2. 集装箱灭失赔偿标准:









         按每年5 %折旧,但折旧后最低残值不低于:








十、  其他约定



十一、       违约责任

  1. 个别合同成立后,承租方要求变更或撤销订单的,应承担相应的费用并赔偿因此给出租方造成的损失。如承租方在出租方提箱单已发出后取消订单,除非双方另有约定,须向出租方支付订单取消费: 美元USD50/集装箱。如承租方在受领期限届满后取消订单,则除应按上述标准向出租方支付订单取消费外,还应自受领期限届满之日起,按以下标准向出租方支付租金:

美元USD2/20’GP/天; 美元USD3/40’GP or 40’HC/




  1. 一方逾期支付任何款项的,应按每天仟分之的比例向对方支付迟延付款违约金。
  2. 如未经出租方同意,承租方拖欠费用达3个月,或擅自买卖抵押所租赁的集装箱,则出租方有权随时解除合同,要求承租方立即归还全部集装箱。承租方须承担由此给出租方造成的损失。
  3. 出租方应全面履行其在本合同项下的义务,对于因出租方的过失而导致承租方遭受的直接损失和发生的费用承担责任,以上损失不包括因交付延迟等原因造成的经济损失以及其它间接损失。
  4. 承租方根据前条规定向出租方主张赔偿的,至迟应自集装箱受领期限届满起7日内提出。承租方未在上述期间内以书面形式向出租方提出异议的,视为出租方交付合格,承租方不得再行索赔。
  5. 一方发生任何其他违约行为时,该方应补偿守约方因此受到的任何损失,包括但不限于直接损失,可得利益损失,守约方因处理纠纷支付的律师费、调查取证费、差旅费等,以及经守约方向其他第三方的赔偿金额,无论该赔偿金额是由相关法院、仲裁机构决定的还是以和解、调解方式确定的。”
  6. 本合同针对违约方的具体违约行为需承担的违约责任约定不明确的,违约方应当承担守约方因违约方违约行为所发生的实际经济损失的赔偿责任。


十二、       不可抗力

  1. “不可抗力事件”指一方无法控制的,致使该方无法履行其在本合同项下义务的事件。
  2. 若一方因不可抗力事件而不能履行本合同所规定的义务,该方应在不可抗力事件发生后十四日内书面通知另一方,双方应尽其最大可能减少损失。若发生不可抗力事件,一方无需对因不能履行或损失承担责任,并且不得视为对本合同的违约。遭受不可抗力的一方应采取适当的措施最大限度的减少或消除不可抗力的影响,并尝试恢复履行受影响的义务。但是,对于承租方已经起租的集装箱,承租方必须履行归还义务,否则承担违约责任。承租方没有任何理由对此适用不可抗力条件,无论此事件是否受承租方控制。


十三、       其他

  1. 争议的解决方式:凡因本合同引起的或与本合同有关的任何争议,由双方友好协商解决。协商不成时, 均应提交上海国际经济贸易仲裁委员会/上海国际仲裁中心进行仲裁。


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