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Gateway Logistics Provides Through Railway Service from China to Mongolia via Erlian/Zamin Uud. As well as the reverse route. Shipment can be effected by wagon or by container.

We can also provide transit service from worldwide ports to Mongolia via Chinese ports such as Qingdao, Lianyungang, Tianjin.

Through our own service network, We provide services including Drayage, Customs Clearance, through railway transportation from China to Mongolia, and also customs transmit at the border station. 

Railway China-Central Asia

Serviced Network in Mongolia

Gateway provides the through service from or via China to below stations in Mongolia:

  • Ulaan Baator (31000084)
  • Erdenet (31000125)
  • Darkhan (31000023) 


Redelivery Locations 还箱点中文
Darkhan 1 达尔汗
Erdenet 额尔登特
Ulan Baator 乌兰巴托


Service features

  • Provide container equipments in all over the logistics node cities in China.
  • Throught international railway service from the origin station to the destination station.
  • Export customs clearance & border transit services included as standard.
  • Provide door to door service upon request.
  • Provide customs clearance at the destination upon request.

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