Terms and Conditions of Service

Written by on 17 December 2014

The following contains the general terms and conditions of contract under which Gateway Container International Limited (“Gateway”) is engaged in the container trading and container leasing business described below.

The Gateway Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms”) are effective on the date set forth above and are subject to change without prior notice. The Terms are published periodically on the Gateway website (gatewaycontainer.com). The most current and controlling version of the Terms is published at www. gatewaycontainer.com/info/terms. In tendering an order for service, the Buyer agrees that the version of the Terms and the applicable Service Guide in effect at the time of order will apply to the order and its services. The Terms apply to the following services:Visit Website

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Terms and Conditions of Container Sales

The Sales Party: Gateway Container International Limited.  (The Seller)

The Purchase Party: The party which offered by the Seller. (The Buyer) View More

Terms and Conditions iconOrder Confirmaiton

Terms and Conditions iconSales Term

Terms and Conditions iconPayment Term

Terms and Conditions iconRelease & Pick-up

Terms and Conditions icon Quality Survey

Terms and Conditions iconAgency Services

Terms and Conditions iconLiability for Breach

Terms and Conditions iconGoverning Law


Terms and Condtions of Container One Way Leasing



承租方:   接受出租方提供的“集装箱程租业务报价及服务”的一方(以下简称“承租方View More

Terms and Conditions icon个别合同的签订与生效

Terms and Conditions icon费用的确认与支付

Terms and Conditions icon起租的交付与受领

Terms and Conditions icon起租的检验与质量保证

Terms and Conditions icon代理服务

Terms and Conditions icon集装箱的保管与使用

Terms and Conditions icon集装箱的归还

Terms and Conditions icon争议的解决方式

Additional Services

Upon Buyer’s entrustment, Seller’s operation for Inspection, Pick-up, Transportation, Forwarding, Delivery, Interchange or any operation of the Equipment or the relevant documents, will be deemed to act on Buyer’s behalf. Principal-agent relationship is between Buyer & Seller.

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