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In Mongolia, Gateway provides containers in Ulaan Bator. 


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 Used ContainersUsed ContainersUsed Containers

Used ContainersUsed ContainersUsed Containers


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Safety aspects

All of the containers we supply have originally been type-tested by classification companies, certified according to ISO, and comply with the following standards:

  • C.S.C. (The International Convention for safe Containers)
  • T.I.R. (The Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods)
  • U.I.C. (The International Union of Railways)
  • T.C.T. (Transportation Cargo Containers and Unit Loads Quarantine Aspects and Procedures by Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health)


Used Containers

  • ISO standard, multiple type & size.
  • Retired from leasing or shipping companies.
  • Cargo worthy or IICL standard, suitable for multimodal transport.
  • Valid CSC safety approval plate.
  • Additional services including Survey, Delivery & Modification.

Sales price list for used containers

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