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Stocks of Container Equipment for Sale or One Way Leasing

Gateway keeps stocks of container equiipment in all logistics gateway cities of all over the Euroasia, for sale or one way leasing.


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 Used ContainersUsed ContainersUsed Containers

Used ContainersUsed ContainersUsed Containers

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Safety aspects

All of the containers we supply have originally been type-tested by classification companies, certified according to ISO, and comply with the following standards:

  • C.S.C. (The International Convention for safe Containers)
  • T.I.R. (The Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods)
  • U.I.C. (The International Union of Railways)
  • T.C.T. (Transportation Cargo Containers and Unit Loads Quarantine Aspects and Procedures by Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health)


Used Containers

  • ISO standard, multiple type & size.
  • Retired from leasing or shipping companies.
  • Cargo worthy or IICL standard, suitable for multimodal transport.
  • Valid CSC safety approval plate.
  • Additional services including Survey, Delivery & Modification.

Sales price list for used containers


Brand New Containers

  • ISO Standard, Multiple type & size.
  • Brand new containers in stock for retail
  • Make to Order according to client's requiements in specifications, color, logo & etc.
  • Certificate of inspection from classification society.
  • Delivery worldwide in empty or by one-way shipping. 

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