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Gateway supplies new ISO-certified containers in a variety of sizes and specifications. Most of new containers are manufactured in China. Our office is in Shanghai and we have excellent cooperative experience with the manufactures. To reduce the transportation costs, by cooperating with the shipping lines carrier, Gateway can arrange One Way Use to worldwide main ports. Certainly, Empty Shipping service is also provided by Gateway. 


Products features

  • ISO 10’, 20’, 40’ and High Cube Containers:*Built to International Standard Organization (ISO) standards.
  • All Corton steel (combo steel & brass to withstand ocean conditions).
  • 30‐ton rated containers.
  • Fully corrugated side panels – less prone to damage.
  • Recessed front and rear sills reduce damage, require less maintenance.
  • Modified floor design without exposed center rail for a full width floor.
  • Standard 19‐ply (layer) floor minimizes delaminating and adds strength
  • Option for sea door at one or both end.


Sample pictures

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 New ContainerNew ContainerNew Container

New ContainerNew ContainerNew Container

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Safety aspects

All of the containers we supply have originally been type-tested by classification companies, certified according to ISO, and comply with the following standards:

  • C.S.C. (The International Convention for safe Containers)
  • T.I.R. (The Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods)
  • U.I.C. (The International Union of Railways)
  • T.C.T. (Transportation Cargo Containers and Unit Loads Quarantine Aspects and Procedures by Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health)


Inventories for sale

In Shanghai or some other Chinese main ports, Gateway can provide new containers for sale. These containers are manufactured according to Factory's specification.


Make to order

Usually, the inventories of new containers for sale are quite low. So for big quantity requirement, Gateway can arrange production by customer's order, You can request your own color, logo and a variety of modifications. Gateway supervises production quality control to guarantee the quality for the customers.

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